Mindfully sharing our passion and knowledge to improve people’s well being


Most of the time our mind is restless.
The mind is busy ‘rethinking’ things from the past or ‘occupied thinking’ about things that lay ahead of us.
In the mindfulness course you train the mind to be in the very moment. You might be surprised about what is currently happening.

mettaandacht . . .


The Pali word (the ancient language of the Buddha were saved in) METTA stands for loving kindness

The Dutch word AANDACHT stands for mindfulness.

We think it is important to develop metta while training mindfulness as we don’t want to add more stress to our lives!











Why choose us . . .


This is a decision you have to take of course. Your choice is based on trust and we will do our very best to meet your trust!

In addition to that: Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism, we like to give you some contaxt on that.

Our agenda is designed for busy people, we make it easy for you to participate.

We offer courses for individuals – duo’s (pairs or friends) – and groups







Experiened trainers

We studied and taught both Buddhism and Mindfulness for many years. Sharing our knowledge and experiences is something that makes us happy and drives us to continue


In our western culture we tend to define succes as something connected to things we have not enough of. Or when we are able to loose the things we have too much of!

Scientifically based

Our courses are based on the latest scientifical knowledge.