The sessions gave me a moment to develop Mindfulness, to have a look at some patterns like impulsive reactions on situations.The training taught me to take a step back.  I loved it!

Anonymous (4)

Thank you so much for this training!

Anonymous (1)

The training gave me tools to be more aware of my feelings en thoughts.  That gives me peace of mind, makes me more calm. The training was a gift to myself.


I appreciated the training very much. Room for questions and great explanation by Jos.It’s wonderful how a group of strangers can be vulnerable. Overall very inspiring.


Very educational and applicable training!

Anonymous (2)

I really enjoyed the training.Great explanation by Jos and enough time for questions.It’s great how a group of strangers dare to be vulnerable.

Anonymous (3)

It was agreat to experience you can actively train positive, fun, beautiful thoughts just by really looking, hearing or feeling.At any time of the day.

Anonymous (4)

The training felt like a Mindfull shower, thanks Jos!

Anoniem (4)

Jos radiates a lot of peace and wisdom and at the same time shares his own learning moments, very strong and vulnerable at the same time. That teaches me a lot.


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