Mindfulness and getting older

Mindfulness and aging

Getting older

How wonderful  we are getting older!
Young people are wrong thinking life after retirement is just a party without stress, without sadness, without insomnia. “You don’t HAVE to do anything, do you?”
But aging comes with hassle, worry, loss, the awareness of the last phase of our life.
Just like everyone else, we have to deal with daily tensions, anxiety and stress.
Mindfulness for the elderly is aimed at people who want to practice focusing their attention – without judgment – on the present moment. Often our thoughts lead to negative emotions and stress. We slow down this negative thinking so that there is less tension and stress.
The training was developed by Jon Kabat-ZInn and has now been amply scientifically proven.

The training consists of 8 weekly sessions of approximately 2 hours and a ‘return session’. In the training we do (e.g.) simple movement exercises, ‘sitting with attention’ and ‘attention in daily life’.

The exercises are discussed afterwards, usually in groups. The training also addresses themes like stress, communication and acceptance.
We advise participants to attend all sessions and practice for about 20 minutes every day, this gives an even more positive result. Daily training can be compared to training your muscles, they also become stronger if you train regularly!

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