the people

Jos Nusse

My life feels like a journey.
Sometimes passing through the flat Dutch landscape, I did encounter some hills and sometimes it felt like climbing a mountain.

In the 70’s looking for Carlos Castaneda (started to hitchhike in Den Haag), stayed in a hippie-like commune in Scotland, served drinks on the Rhine, picked grapes in France, tought windsurfing in Spain, a beautiful family, civil servant , entrepreneur, and now intensively studying and trying ‘to live’ Buddhism and being a Mindfulness trainer. With my (Buddha) buddy Irma.

Having experienced the advantages of Mindfulness myself, it is great to train others to be more aware of where you are, what you feel, what your body tells you and how you act on all this.
Mindfulness is an adequate way for me (and many others) to deal with the day-to-day challenges. We all have stress – many of us feel like never have time to relax, do what we really want to do. Some experience pain, some have grief or sadness,  some have burn out symptoms. And we all struggle to deal with it.

Mindfulness trains you to deal with your situation in a different way. Gives you tools to approach the situation differently.
Mindfulness could be an eye-opener for you – as it was to me!

irma van der toorn

In addition to my work in ICT, I am also a certified Mindfulness trainer.
I trained quit a number of people based on dana – an exercise in giving without expectation – for example in a community center in The Hague. This combination of what seem to be two extremes provides a balance between my head and heart.

A serious carcrash resulted in a severe whiplash, and I partiipated in a Mindfulness training. Practicing Mindfulness helped (and still helps) me to deal with and learn to accept new situations.

At the same time I started to practice and study Buddhism.
Mindfulness, now a well-known and accepted concept, has its roots in Buddhism, more specifically: in the Satipatthana sutta. I have studied and practiced this sutta for years and for that I can place Mindfulness in a broader context.

In 2016 I was trained to be a Mindfulness trainer. To guarantee the quality of the training and because I enjoy the concept of being mindful, I regularly follow further training and do retreats.

To work with people and ‘help them to move forward’ makes me very enthusiastic! It is just wonderful to see people flourish and benefit by what they train to do.