Mindful coaching

mindful coaching

Mindful coaching focusses on results,
while you are in contact with yourself and others.
In the proces you come to your own decisions
that often were already deep inside you.

You aim for self-discovery.
Your decisions suit you, the coach helps you
calm the nagging little devil on your shoulder
and helps you formulate
your questions and choices.

You practice mindfulness and do
communication exercises that might lead
to some surprising insights!
Not only will this process influence your work
and work related issues,
it will also influence your personal environment.

You will practice to be kind to yourself and to others.
When you open the heart to yourself,
the heart automatically opens to the other.

During the mindful coaching process you focus on:

Improve attention and concentration

Recognizing  thoughts and patterns

Formulate and make choices

Creating a more active and less reactive life

Being more relaxed and optimistic.