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we train mindfulness


Being mindful makes you be in the present moment more and offers you a happier life.

By worrying less about the past (how things should have been) or the future (how things should be) you create space, peace and seemingly more time to enjoy.

There is no wooliness to it.
It is  scientifically proven and accepted
that the Mindfulness training (developing
attention) increases the quality of your life!

In eight weekly sessions  you will train
your ‘attention- muscle‘, just as you
train your body in the gym.
As a result, you learn to  look at what
is occurring in this very moment.
Aware, kind and non-judgemental.
You will BE a little more and DO a little less. 

In order to benefit most, plan (intend)
to exercise for about 30 minutes
a day during the 8 weeks.

what we stand for

It can be ever so simple.

We want to increase the well-being of
those we work with and work for.

We do so by offering professional,
scientifically proven
courses for a
affordable price in a professional
and enthusistic way and do
 the courses when you are  available.





realizing dreams

Compassion is not just thinking friendly about others,
it is also (or maybe even more)
about reachinmg out – act.
That is why:

  • We donate 20% of our turnover to The Hague food bank.

  • We also offer you the possibility to pay more per training, with which you enable someone else to follow a training. 





Mettaandacht and your privacy

We are very reserved with your data. 
We (of course) apply to the national legislation.
This is where you will find our PRIVACY STATEMENT
with our duties and your rights.






After years of wandering (literally and figuratively), it is a dream come true to share knowledge and experience in developing attention with others. Because being Mindful makes you live more in the moment and offers the possibility to live a happier life. The possibility to have more peace of mind, to accept yourself and others, to improvise more easy. And to be less re-active, less dependent.
The fact that Mindfulness stems from Buddhism and my roots are in Buddhism as well is related, but at the same time is not decisive. It very much appeals to me that Mindfulness has no ‘hippy-elements’ at all!
It is beautiful, warm and rich, to assist people in this training and to see how much benefit they get from the training. In their private life and at work!

Jos Nusse – founder Mettaandacht

Jos Nusse oprichter Mettaandacht


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